Sonic Pornography Story: Tails’ Wish & Tikal’s Kiss

Sonic Pornography Story: Tails’ Wish & Tikal’s Kiss


Amy undressed and dropped down on her bed with a deep sigh. It was the first time in many days she had nobody at her bedside, but she was glad to be all by herself for once, like before the orgy. It reminded her of nostalgic times, just Amy Rose, her dildo, and the pictures she took of Sonic masturbating in his room.

Amy looked into the night table, searching for the secret box she kept hidden ever since she fell in love with Sonic. When Sonic still ignored and ran away from her, she always sneaked to his house in the middle of the night were he would often find him jerking off. She took pictures, braught them to her hut and masturbated while looking at them, pretending like he fucked her.

But the box was completely empty. Amy was shocked; she didn’t remember touching these pics in two weeks, she had been too busy fucking him… somebody must’ve discovered them, it couldn’t be different. Amy didn’t want anyone to discover her naughty, voyeuristic secret and she got dressed immediatly, wandering through the village for clues.

Her heart was pounding with shame. What would they think of me when they found out? What if Sonic knew about it? That I took pictures of him all the time? He’d be so mad at me….

She had no idea were she was going; what was she supposed to do? Knock at every door, asking: ‘Hey, have you seen my pictures of Sonic jerking off?’ Amy sat down for a moment and started to think reasonably in fear. Who had been in her room recently? Who would need those pictures?

She suddenly heard moaning. It wasn’t a girl’s moan – as usual in this village – but a boy’s. But it was the way of moaning that caught her attention. It was too slutty for a boy’s voice, like Rouge would often do. Like a boy being fucked…

Amy followed the noise, which led her to Tails’ hut. She looked through the window and saw him lying on bed, but no other guy around. He was just on his own, pulling his young dick swiftly. He made strange slutty sounds and was looking at pictures… pictures with Sonic wanking…

Amy slammed the door open without any sense of privacy and Tails startled, quickly picking up the pictures that were scattered all over his bed.

‘Don’t you hide those from me, you thief, those are mine!’ Amy said and she rushed towards his bed and jumped upon him. Tails struggled with his cock still erect but Amy was too strong and pushed him out of bed. Amy angrily picked up all the pictures of Sonic untill she heard sobbing.

‘Oh Tails… I’m so sorry… did I hurt you?’ Amy asked, calmed down.

‘That’s not it.’ Tails sobbed. ‘I’m sorry for stealing those pictures… you found out my secret.’

‘Your sec- o yeah, right…’ Amy said awkwardly. She hadn’t really thought about it yet, but finally she figured there was something odd about Tails masturbating to Sonic’s images.

‘I don’t want you to cry, Tails, you’re my friend. I’m here for you, let’s have a talk.’

Amy pulled him on the bed and hugged him. Tails cock wasn’t visable anymore.

‘It’s okay Tails.’ Amy comforted him. ‘So I guess you’re… ga-‘

‘Bisexual.’ Tails corrected her. ‘I don’t know… I always liked Sonic very much. But recently we got even closer after our orgy and… I think I’ve fallen in love with him.’

Tails sobbed and Amy rubbed his shoulder. ‘I’m sorry Tails. I really want you to be happy but… Sonic’s not gay. I know him and he’d never have sex with a guy.’

‘Exactly.’ Tails whispered. ‘I want to show him how much I love him… but… he’ll never accept it.’ Amy knew exactly how she felt; she had been ignored and rejected by Sonic for almost her entire life. ‘But even if he’d want to, I’d still be scared. I mean… I want… well… no… it’s… really embarassing.’

Amy hold his hands and looked into his wet blue eyes.

‘You can tell me everything. I won’t tell anyone, pinky swear.’

‘Okay then.’ Tails gasped. ‘I wish I were a girl.’

Amy was confused by this confession; Tails had never been the most manly of all, but this was quite a surprise.

‘It’s like I’m trapped in the wrong body… sure I like having sex with other girls; but you seem to have a lot of fun together without any boys around too… and when I see a c- oh, this is so embarassing!’ Tails pressed his hands against his eyes and started crying again. Amy had never felt so sorry for somebody.

‘Oh, this must be really hard for you.’ Amy whispered and she hugged Tails. She kissed him on his cheek and caressed his head. ‘I really want to make you happy… wait a minute… there is always of course… Tikal.’

‘What?’ Tails whispered and she let go of her. ‘What’s a tikal?’

‘You mean “who’s that”. About a year ago… I was sorta… addicted… to… you know… pleasing myself. Sonic ignored me and I could only fantasize about him. One night this godess or spirit appeared. She said her name was Tikal and she could make me the controller of a dream of my choice in return for spending a night with her. I wanted a dream about me having sex with Sonic, then she kissed me and I fucked him. It seemed so real, but… when I woke up, it seemed it wasn’t. It was amazing though; the best dream I ever had. Then Tikal approached me, asking for her price, and that’s when I first really had sex with someone… or, something… the next morning she was gone. Just one dream once in your life, she said.’

‘Are you making this up to make me feel better?’ Tails sobbed unimpressed by this fairytale.

‘No! It really happened… maybe we can summon her… er… Tikal?’

A puff of smoke appeared and a female echidna appeared in the light. She was orange-furred and wore a mayan/incan outfit, standing in the air and looking down at the two.

‘Hello Amy.’ She froliced. ‘Nice to see you again. And hello there, little fox!’

Tikal jumped on the bed and Tails stared at her with open mouth.

‘Ooh, you’re shy aren’t you? Don’t be afraid. I’m Tikal. I’ll make your naughtiest dreams come true.’ Tikal caressed Tails’ cheek. ‘You’re a cutie!’

‘Hey Tikal, er… Tails wants a dream…’

‘Nice to meet you Tails.’ Tikal said and he shook his hand, but he was still amazed by this magic. ‘What do you want me to do?’

‘Can you… make him a woman for a night?’ Amy asked.

‘Wow. Kinky. But yes, I can do that, as long as you pay good.’ Tikal smiled. ‘Whaddya say little boy, I give you something to hide under your skirt and afterwards you have a taste of what’s under mine.’

‘I… er… okay…’ Tails said.

‘Splendid. Just relax, buddy.’ Tikal smiled and she pressed him down. ‘Let me give you a kiss…’ Tikal pressed her lips against his and suddenly, Tails felt all sleepy and dizzy. The next moment, he was gone.

Tails woke up frightened. He was all sweaty underneath the blankets, but nobody else was in his hut. He felt strange. Something was different about him.

Tails screamed and jumped out of bed when he felt his crotch. His cock was gone. There was just a tight, small pussy under his fur. Tails then touched his chest and he felt two small, firm boobs. He looked into the mirror and was impressed; his tighs were just a little broader and his hips smaller. It wasn’t a big difference and it wouldn’t be something quickly noticed by regular pedestrians, but now he looked closely into the mirror… he looked pretty attractive.

Tails was amazed… Tikal’s magic was true! Just one last check… Tails looked to the clock. It was 2 PM. He looked away and then looked at the clock again. This time it was 9 AM. He was indeed dreaming; time is inconsistent in dreams.

‘It’s whatever time you want it to be.’ A voice said and Tails turned around. Tikal was floating in the air, smiling, with her legs crossed. ‘But just because you can control time in here doesn’t mean it can’t run out. Get your cute little butt to your destination, make your dreams come true and I’ll take you back. By the way, you look really sexy.’ Tikal waved her hand and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tails knew he couldn’t turn back now. He stepped out of his hut and walked towards Sonic’s house. Even though he knew he had everything under control, he was still pretty nervous. If everything went right, he’d fuck Sonic for the first time. And since they had been nothing more then best friends for years, it was a big step forward for the shy Miles Prower.

The lights were off in Sonic’s house. Tails wished that his door was open, and so it was. He opened the door and he saw Sonic lying in bed, asleep. Tails looked at him for a moment, the guy he loved for so long. He looked cute sleeping; never he had seen Sonic so innocent. He crawled under the blankets and a sleepy Sonic had noticed somebody had sneaked into his room.

‘Amy? Is that you again?’ Sonic moaned.

‘No Sonic. It’s me, Tails.’ He whispered. It took some seconds for Sonic to realize who just said that.

‘Er… what are you doing in my bed?’ Sonic asked, sounding a lot more awake.

‘I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?’

‘Er… sure… I guess…’ Sonic was confused.

‘You’re so kind.’ Tails said and he wrapped his arms around the hedgehog. Sonic was astonished as Tails squeezed his arms between Sonic’s arm and body and pressed his tummy against his back.

‘T-Tails?’ Sonic stuttered. Tails pretended like he had fallen asleep and didn’t answer. Sonic felt very uncomfortable between Tails’ arms and his fur pressing against him. And then something happened what Sonic rea-ly didn’t want to happen.

Slowly, Sonic’s cock appeared from under his fur and started to grow in size. Sonic paniced; what was happening? Why was Tails holding him like that? And even stranger; why did it arouse him?

He tried to figure it out. Tails was just very scared because of his nightmare and he got an erection because it felt like… like Sally or Blaze was holding him. Yeah, that’s right; it felt like a chick holding him, Tails would never, ever arouse him in any possible-

‘WHOAH!’ Sonic screamed as he felt a glove grabbing his dick. He struggled with his blankets and tried to escape from Tails’ hold, but he held him strong.

‘Relax, baby, relax.’ Tails whispered in his ear. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tails called him baby?

Tails held Sonic firmly with his right hand and pulled his dick with his left glove. Sonic panted with a big blush on his face.

‘Tails, what the fu-‘

‘Don’t say a word honey.’ Tails whispered with a slutty accent. ‘Don’t ruin this moment for me; I’ve been wanting to do this for a looong time. And don’t tell me you don’t like it. You’re too hard not to like it.’

Sonic was confused, frightened but aroused at the same time; a bad combination. Tails started to kiss his cheek and caressing his chest.

‘You like that, don’t you?’ Tails whispered, still continueing his handjob. ‘Yesss, you like your big, strong dick touched by your little buddy.’ Tails released his grib and climbed on Sonic’s body. Sonic panted with his dick between Tails’ tighs.

‘Tails… this…’ Sonic said but Tails put a finger against his lips.

‘Sh, sh, sh. Let me do all the work.’ Tails whispered, looked deep into his eyes and kissed him. Sonic didn’t resist, but didn’t kiss back either. ‘Come on buddy, I want you so much.’ Tails panted and he pressed his tongue inside Sonic’s mouth. Sonic was forced to open his mouth and let his best friends’ tongue penetrate his, still thinking he was a boy. Tails started to make the slutty sounds he practiced and kissed him passionatly, drooling in the progress.

‘That was fun… but now I want more…’ Tails licked his lips and he pulled the blanket down. Sonic was too astonished to move and Tails grabbed his cock with two hands.

‘All the girls had their taste of this…’ Tails panted, his eyes staring at his big tan cock, ‘… and now it’s finally my turn.’

Tails closed his lips around Sonic’s cock and started sucking it. Sonic moaned but didn’t have the courage to move; defeating Dr. Eggman was one thing, but this was way out of his league.

‘So big… ah… so strong…’ Tails moaned and he started deepthroating his best friend. Sonic moaned loudly and Tails started to play with his balls. He had his cock sucked many times by many girls, so he knew how to handle a boy a little. He almost enjoyed giving blowjobs more than receiving them, feeling the sensation Sonic was going through in his flesh. He started to make slutty noises again which turned Sonic on even more. Tails looked Sonic into the eyes and it was impossible for Sonic to look away from the big slutty pupils. He felt the funny feeling in his cock again, but never as awkward as this time.

‘Oh my god, Tails…’ Sonic moaned. ‘I’m… I’m… oh…’

 ‘Give it to me baby, give it to me!’ Tails panted and he sucked him even harder. Sonic started screaming and blew his entire load of cum in the little boy/girl’s mouth. Tails hadn’t expect this much sperm and it was impossible to keep inside his mouth, so he opened it while receiving shots of goo. His jizz dripped down on his cock and legs again, dripping on Tails’ chin and cheeks. The ladyboy rubbed his dick while panting with a cock half inside his smiling mouth and stared into Sonic’s eyes.

‘Yes baby… oh yeah… oh…’ Tails panted. Sonic had quit ejaculating and the young fox swallowed his first cum, enjoying the taste as much as he thought he would.

‘Mmm, that tastes good…’ Tails moaned. ‘You’re all messy now… let me clean it up.’

Sonic had no idea what just came over him. He still denied he was gay, well, bisexual. Tails was his best friend… what gotten into him? And for his sake, why did he let this all happen to him? Maybe he was just a little- no, out of the question.

Tails swallowed his last cum. ‘My belly’s full.’ He whispered. ‘But my pussy’s wet.’

Tails stood up and Sonic looked upwards. Finally he could see Tails for who he really was- she really was- well… It was not the Tails Sonic grew up with. She had two small, firm tits and no dick, but a wet little cunt. Actually; she looked hot. Sonic felt releaved to see he wasn’t gay- well… he had been seduced and sucked by a girl all this time. But on the other hand: What the fuck is going on around here?!

‘Tails… why are you…’

‘Questions are for later!’ Tails hissed. ‘Now you found out I’m a girl… you might wanna make me a woman.’

Tails slowly bended his legs down. He grabbed Sonic’s cock and pushed it against his pussy. He wondered for a moment; was he a virgin? As a boy he wasn’t, but his new body gave him a few doubts… but none of them could resist him too sit down on Sonic’s big cock and be fully penetrated by his long shaft.

‘OH YESSS!’ Tails screamed with his eyes closed. He felt amazing; totally full; Sonic’s dick fit like it was designed for his cunt. Tails lowered his head and pressed his firm breasts against Sonic’s chest. He kissed Sonic and this time, Sonic kissed back, fully seduced by the young girl he formerly knew as his best friend. Tails started riding him and Sonic grabbed his butt with two gloves, pushing his lower body up and down.

‘Oh yeah, your getting into the mood.’ Tails whispered and he pressed his cheek against his’. Sonic hold Tails’ body tight against his chest.

‘I don’t care anymore about who or what… all I want is you…’ Sonic growled. Tails made the slutty sounds again as Sonic started to pound his pussy harder.

‘Give-it-to-me-hard-ba-by-oh-yeah!’ Tails squealed. Sonic was really turned on by this and grabbed Tails’ butt harder. Tails started to feel funny in her stomach; his brand spanking new uterus started compressing and his pussy tickled.

‘Oh-ba-by…I-think-I’m…-Cum-ming!’ Tails squealed.

‘I’m cumming too baby!’ Sonic growled. ‘Just hold me tight…’

Tails held Sonic tight in his arms and he started to bang him really hard. Tails screamed as he felt his first orgasm as a girl; lovejuice flushed down his cunt and Sonic’s sperm shot inside his uterus; their private areas soaking wet with white and liquid juice. Their genital and inner organs compressed; their heads dizzy; their bodies tight to each other, holding each other lovingly. The two lovers moaned in the afterglow and held each other even more tight like there were no limits of love. They then looked into their eyes and kissed; Sonic had just fallen in love with an unsuspected friend.

‘That was… amazing Tails.’ Sonic gasped.

‘Hold me one last time.’ Tails whispered. He knew his time was up.

Sonic had a lot of questions to ask but he did as Tails asked; he cuddled him hard but sweet, his cock pressing against his leg and Tails’ wet pussy full of his juice…

Sonic screamed and woke up, all sweaty. He felt dirty at his crotch and pulled his blanket down; his blanket was wet with his own semen and his crotch and upper legs were slippery. He immediatly remembered the strangest wet dream he ever had; Tails had sneaked into his room, sucked and fucked him… and he liked it even before he found out he was a girl!

Sonic was embarassed, but knew nobody would have to find it out if he didn’t tell, and he sure wouldn’t. Tails was just a friend and nothing more. With that thought, Sonic fell asleep again.

Tails woke up too; he was lying in his own bed and immediatly checked under the blanket; his cock was back, all wet with cum, no doubt from the wet dream. Amy was lying next to him, asleep. He looked on the clock, which said it was 2 AM. He had been dreaming for quite some time… but it was amazing, perfect, the best dream he ever head. Suddenly, he heard a bang and Tikal appeared again. Amy screamed and woke up.

‘How was your dream, honey?’ Tikal smiled.

‘Fantastic!’ Tails said.

‘That’s great. But you’re not done yet, you still have your price to pay…’ Tikal said and she pulled off her top…

To be continued.

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