Sonic Pornography Story: Shading

Sonic Pornography Story: Shading

‘Why, isn’t that a long time no see.’
‘Shade!’ Knuckles said surprised. ‘Wow, it’s been so long!’
‘2 years. Two wonderful months we’ve spent together.’ Shade smiled. They were both in the park when they passed each other by. Knuckles first noticed how much Shade had grown; her proportions were much more feminine and her breasts had grown from perky to mature.
‘Yeah, how could I forget… what are you doing here? Don’t you live somewhere else?’
‘I’m on vacation.’
‘Yep. I’m still single since you left me for the batgirl.’
‘Oh yeah.’ Knuckles mumbled embarassed. Shade hadn’t taken his sporadic departure very well at the time. ‘I still have a scar from that fight.’ He grinned.
‘I’m sorry. I was a little out of control then. I loved you very much.’ Shade whispered and an uncomfortable silence followed.
‘But I can make it up to you.’
‘How about I take you to dinner tonight?’
‘I’d love to, but… I already have plans with Rouge.’
‘Doesn’t matter, she can join.’
‘Well, she’d love that.’ Knuckles winked.
‘See you at 8 ‘o clock tonight at that fancy restaurant in town?’
‘Got it. See you there!’
‘Bye, Knuckles.’ Shade smiled. She had big plans for tonight.

Shade was in her hotel room and got dressed. She hadn’t made love with a man for over two years, which was when Knuckles was her boyfriend. She remembered meeting him on an adventure, falling in love and losing their virginity on the same night. It were the best two months of her life, untill the batgirl appeared. Shade dressed into her most sexy lingery, which could help her seduce the man she loved.

When Shade arrived, Knuckles and Rouge were already waiting for her.
Look at that slut, Shade thought, looking at Rouge. Her cleavage was enormous and her lipstick as red as blood. Oh, how I wish I could steal Knuckles away in front of her eyes. She’d cry like a little baby, Shade thought.
‘Oh, Shade, it’s so nice to see you again.’ Rouge laughed and she gave Shade two wet kisses on her cheeks. The orange echidna smiled pretentiously and wiped the lipstick-spots off when she looked away.
‘Thanks Rouge.’ Shade mumbled and she looked at Knuckles. ‘Shall we enter?’

Knuckles was sitting between Rouge and Shade, exactly how she wanted it. During the main course, she started her hit.
Shade began stroking Knuckles legs from under the table. Knuckles quickly looked at her and Shade looked back with a naughty smile while Rouge continued her mindless chatter. Shade descended her hand onto Knuckles’ crotch.
Shade wanted Knuckles to become nervous and rejecting, but to her dismay, the opposite happened.
Knuckles leaned back with his hands behind his neck. Rouge noticed his expression and grinned while also slipping her hand under the table.
Shade squeeked when she felt Rouge’s paw cupping hers.
‘If you want my boyfriend so badly, honey… you could’ve told me.’ Rouge smiled seductively. Shade was a little paniced. What was going on? Why weren’t they mad at her?
‘You just arranged yourself a threesome, babe.’ Knuckles grinned while his hand went underneath Shade’s dress. This was absolutely not expected… but Shade couldn’t care less.

The door of the hotel room slammed open and the kissing couple stumbled in. Knuckles and Shade french kissed with their bodies pressing roughly against each other’s. They had drank a lot of wine on the way.
Rouge entered the room too and smiled at the couple, gently slapping Shade’s butt from under her dress. Rouge closed the door and started to undress.
Knuckles and Shade landed on bed and he started to unzip her dress. Her sexy lingery turned Knuckles’ on, making his big red dick grow in size.
‘Take your bra off. I always wondered about your funbags.’ Rouge smiled when climbing on bed, completely naked, except for the gloves and boots. Knuckles stripped Shade’s bra off and two soft boobs bounced out.
‘Oh yes… definitely within the C-section… not as big as Ms. Rabbot’s, but bigger than the princess…’
Rouge and Knuckles each grabbed a breast and started sucking on Shade’s nipples, which made the female echidna moan and pant.
‘Ever been with a girl before?’ Rouge panted.
‘N-no.’ Shade whispered.
‘Then let me teach you something about carpet munching…’ She smiled and Rouge stripped down Shade’s panties, exposing her wet pink pussy. Rouge descended her head between her tighs and started licking her clit and vulva. Shade moaned in extacy and Knuckles let go of her breast.
‘I missed your blowjobs…’ Knuckles whispered and Shade went down to his crotch, closed his lips around his glans and tasted his big rod for the first time in two years.

‘Damn… you still got it…’ Knuckles smiled while caressing her quills. He winked at Rouge and the bat winked back. ‘How does she taste?’ The red echidna asked his girlfriend.
‘Juicy, but not quite right. I think she could use a good stretch.’
‘She can have it.’ Knuckles smiled and she pulled Shade’s head up. His red cock slipped out of her submissive mouth and she swallowed a small gulp of pre-cum.
‘I want you back, Knux.’ Shade whispered. ‘I love you.’
‘I know you do, but you’re not the only one.’ Knuckles responded and Rouge crawled upwards, starting to kiss Shade’s neck.
‘I didn’t expect you to share me with your girlfriend.’ Shade said while stroking Knuckles’ stiff cock.
‘Life’s changed for us, babe. Long story.’ The red echidna said and he parted Shade’s legs.
‘What do you mean?’ She moaned with a blush. Within a few seconds, she would feel his penetration again in two years.
‘Adultery is our daily life nowadays. We can make love to all of our friends.’ He said and pressed his tip against the opening of her cunt.
‘You’re kidding.’ She blushed.
‘Am not.’ Knuckles grinned and he penetrated her vagina slowly. Rouge looked fascinated at the sight.
‘Oh Knuckles… you’ve grown so much!’ Shade moaned.
‘Or you’ve shrinked… whatever it is, it feels amazing!’

Knuckles cupped Shade’s breasts with two hands and thrusted forward slowly, their lips pressed against one another.
Rouge crawled towards the nighttable and found what she was looking for.
‘What a coincidence. I have the exact same!’ She smiled when holding up a big red strap-on. The bat sucked on it’s tip and tickled her clit with it.
‘Oh Knuckles…’ Shade moaned, her hands around his back. ‘I really want to join your group…’
‘We never say no to a new member.’ Knuckles smiled. ‘But you must be available as many times as you can.’
‘I will. I want to experiment, to adventure…’
‘That’s my girl.’ Knuckles grinned.
‘Push her up, stud.’ Rouge said with the red plastic cock strapped on.
‘No! I never had anal before!’ Shade flinched.
‘Haha. If you want to join our group, you better be experienced.’ Rouge licked her lips and she aided Shade to get on top of Knuckles. Shade climbed on top, her body wrapped around Knuckles’, who still had his cock up her pussy, but now her breast pressed against his body from above.
Rouge pressed the tip of the strap-on against Shade’s butthole and she shivered.
‘Sooner or later, you’re gonna love it.’ She smiled and penetrated Shade’s tailhole.

‘Oh gosh… oh my gosh…’ Shade moaned when the couple double penetrated her. Rouge grabbed Shade’s buttcheeks with two hands while pounding and Knuckles squeezed her firm round tits.
‘I won’t last long… I’m cumming!’
‘Let’s give her all we got!’ Rouge yelled and she started to bang her hard from behind. Knuckles joined in and thrusted roughly and swiftly upwards.
Shade squealed and Knuckles felt her pussy clenching around his manhood. His dick was getting uncomfortably wet and when he looked down; he noticed Shade was squirting her juices like he never seen before. Rouge started to get tired from thrusting and slowed down on her.

Exhausted, Shade dropped down on her back. But immediatly afterwards, the couple climbed over her while Rouge disbanded the strap-on.
‘I’m done, I’m tired!’ Shade moaned, her butt a little soar. Nonetheless, Rouge squated down on her face and Knuckles on her belly.
‘Three new rules you’ll have to know when you join us.’ Rouge smiled. ‘One: You can’t quit unless your partner’s finished. Two: Learn how to eat pussy. Three: When sleeping with Knuckles, you should now your titjobs.’
Shade carefully started to lick Rouge’s slit when Knuckles squeezed his dick between her soft yet firm boobs. Shade cupped her own breasts and pressed then against Knuckles’ dick while the male echidna thrusted forwards, his gloves cupping Shade’s paws.
‘You’re distracted too much, honey.’ Rouge said. ‘Focus on me, Knux can handle himself.
Shade started to lick Rouge’s pussy with more commitment and the bat smiled.
Knuckles started to moan and growl. ‘I’m cumming, babe… let’s see how far you got me.
The red echidna started wanking and came after a few strong hits; an impressive shot of cum landed between Shade’s head and Rouge’s thighs. His next jets splattered down on Shade’s neck and soft breasts, pulling the cream out of his red shaft.

‘Need a little help here.’ Rouge said to Knuckles. ‘She’s still learning.’ Rouge stepped off Shade’s face and lied down on the bed. She spreaded her legs widely so Knuckles and Shade could both eat her out. Their tongues met while licking and they looked in each others eyes.
‘Two tongues at once… that feels good…’ Rouge hissed. ‘Clean me up down there, little pets.’
It took two minutes for Rouge to cum. Knuckles let Shade finish her off, who licked all of Rouge’s female juices up. Afterwards, Rouge noticed the sperm on Shade’s breasts and neck, which she licked off before it would dry up.
‘You’ve got a lot of learn, honey.’ Rouge smiled when they got ready for sleep. Shade was lying in the middle and the couple wrapped their arms around her naked teen body.
‘I can’t wait.’ Shade yawned, her head between Rouge’s big breasts. ‘I’m glad to have my sexlife back.’
‘From now on, your life is nothing but sex.’ Knuckles smiled, caressing Shade’s head. ‘I’m glad to have you back in my arms.’
‘Don’t make me jealous, honey.’ Rouge winked. Shade appeared to be asleep.
‘Let’s treat her as our little daughter. She’s ours to raise and protect.’
‘That’s called incest.’ Knuckles laughed.
‘Oh stop it.’ Rouge smiled and she closed her eyes. ‘It reminds me of my father.’
Knuckles laugh disappeared and Rouge fell asleep.

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