Sonic Pornography Story: TAILS THE Sir OF HIS KIND Two

Sonic Pornography Story: TAILS THE Sir OF HIS KIND Two

Another mini story as this isnt a dream, Tails is having sex with the girls as Sally just came back from the orgy. only to be greated by horrid news.

Oh boy Sally was in some deep trouble, the government has been getting major reports of treason over these last 3 months. Well the bad part, Sally was conviced by her father that Family blood was the best trust, unfortunitly for Sally neither her or her brother Elias was married. Sally convinced herself that the next prince or princess would have to be by family blood, at this point not even Sonic could be trusted. But it got worse not only was the child not going to be Sonic’s but it was going to be Elias (which was a nice way for saying incest). Finally when she thought it couldn’t get worse…..well you should see for yourself.

Sally: Elias come on, I don’t expect you to find me THAT attractive but at least understand I can please you and its best for the kingdom.
Elias: “uhh no”.
Sally then got an idea as she pulled of her dress (yes she is wearing a dress) and sat on his lap grinding her cute ass on Elia’s crouch.
Sally: “Pretty please”, she said with a finger on her lips looking at Elias in a sexy way.
Elias didn’t even seem fazed “NO”!
Sally looked at her brother in complete shock, what was she doing wrong.
Sally: “Elias whats the matter, im offering you a chance to fuck my brains out, why wont you accept. Look fuck the sibling thing” she yelled. Then she calmed down a bit and and continued “What ever you want, toys, spanking anything”. She said seductively.
Elias:” I don’t think you understand why I don’t want to”. Sally then looked at him, waiting for a stupid answer. “Sally im….gay”. Sally then looked at her brother.
Sally: “………..oh GOD ELIAS, SERIOUSLY ….” Waiting for an answer” UGH”.
Sally: “I knew it, you don’t like porn and you didn’t like it when the princess was flirting with you last year, I knew it was something.” She said, turned around. “Fuck it were going downstairs and im getting you aroused!”.

Sally pulled the reluctant Elias down the stairs into her second bedroom, pushed Elias down and crawled over him Sally wearing nothing but pink underwear.
Elias: “ Sally do we really got to go through this”.
Sally: “YES MORON”.
Elias:” Fine”.
Sally then kissed Elias as he unwilling opened his mouth while she licked around inside his letting her do the work. While that was going on Sally felt around his fur looking for his unhorny dick, found it and pulled it into her hand and jacked him off hard. While so Elias felt a bit horny as he felt his dick grow stiff. Sally then broke the kiss and looked down at her hand as her hand was now holding his cum hose. While looking down Elias notice the strand of long spit running from her mouth to his which really turned him on.
Sally: “Mmm your dick is cute”
Elias: “ Yea, whateVER YEEP!” Sally then swallowed his dick as it was so sensitive in her warm mouth. Sally then slid her tongue and tickled his balls while slobbering on his cock.
Elias: “ahhh”
Sally then bobbed her head slowly as the slimey spit left tracks as she went up and down . Elias felt like he stuck his dick in warm melted chocolate as he held her head stopping her from moving and cummed. Load of his paste fludded her horny throat as she swallowed his juice.
Elias: “AAHHH”!
Sally: “a blumbpp!!!”. Her air suddenly left as she bobbed up and left a trail of sperm from her mouth to his dick as it was completely dripping in warm saliva and cum.
Sally:” You held my head down”.
Elias:” Sorry”.
Sally “No silly that is the good part, you should be more abusive like Tails but anyway its time for spanking and anal fun”.
Elias: “OK”.
Sally’s smile covered in Elias white juice faded to a frown. “ Well I did it with Tails once but he never tried anal, shit”.
Elias paused for a minute “lets try it now but don’t we need some lube”.
Saly biting her nail: “ummm no your cock is already covered in my spit”.
Sally then took off her pink undies and while pulling them down he saw a large glob of cum stretching down.
Elias: “wow”.
Sally turned around and said “wow is right “ then licked of the big nice glob in her undies which she swallowed down her sticky throat. Waving her tongue in her panties which earned a hard on. Looking at her favorite thing in the world she faced her butt towards her face and said “Lets play now”.

She grabbed a bag full of really hard shelled eggs and said ,
Sally: “slowly insert those fat things in my ass”.
Elias speechless rubbed slowly the egg around her cute brown cheeks as he slowly slid the egg on her hole but not in yet.
Sally: “ehhh”.
The egg began gaping her pink asshole as he then felt the egg violate her hole . It slid in and the edges of the hole were gaping wide as the egg was half in.
Sally: “Honestly I don’t really feel anything so tap it in”.
Elias rock hard then pushed the rest of the egg in. Sally felt a werid sensation as she said “Come on, it feels werid but insert them as fast and hard as you want”.
Elais then grabbed another egg and looked at her closing asshole as it just suffered from on violater and now another. He then took his two fingers and put them at the opening of the hole, then we opened her ass to see part of the egg surrounded by red and pink flesh inside. He then inserted the other two at once all while jacking off .
Sally: “ow ow ow ow ow”.
Sally notice it didn’t hurt anymore then Elias took his dink and push all 3 eggs further back into her body as he cummed push the head of his dick inside her cute hole.
Sally; “mmm that feels warm”.
Elias: “ahhh’.
Elias then fell with worry: “how do we get them out”.
Sally: “ill fart them out”. Then she stood up with a werid sensation in her ass as she bent her thigh and knees down (so she looked like a girl taking a piss on the ground) oh I know ….she squatted on the bed and then Elias saw her sister fart out 3 eggs which slowly came out and then once they came out all the cum came pouring from her ass covering the eggs. Elias really wanted to fuck her now as she farted out the last of the eggs n cum.
Sally: “Now for the real fun”.
Sally bent over and Elias scooted so that she was about to sit her asshole on his dick.
It dripped with cum covering the head of Elias dick. Then slowly she sat down once it went all the way in Elias felt creamyness and pleasure while Sally felt pain and pleasure.
Sally: “Ok now fuck me..p-please”.
Elais: “Sure”. He pushed Sally on her stomach and thrusted in her gooey ass
Elias: Ahhh ahhh yeah oh god.
Clap clap clap was Sally’s buttcheeks clapping and the urge soon got to Elias as he cummed.
Elias: AHHH
Sally:” ahh my ass is so slimy AHH!!!” as she cummed on the bed. Elias then stopped moving and sprayed his last bit into her fucking warm asshole now her anal tank finally full.
Sally then lifted her head after a while of resting and said “Next time well be more naughty”.
Elias agreed with a smirk.




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