Sonic Pornography Story: Sonic’s Spill Struggle

Sonic Pornography Story: Sonic’s Spill Struggle


After their first lesbian threesome, Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot and Blaze the Cat had become the best of friends and started a love triangle. After their massive orgy in Vanilla’s party they had visited each other regularly and practiced new poses in lesbian love. Since everybody agreed everyone was free to have sex with whoever they wanted, Sonic, Silver and Antoine were okay with it.

In the afternoon, the three girls went shopping in Station Square and bought some sexy bikinis and tequilas, preparing for a special splashy wet night in the pool. The three girls shared the same fitting room at the same time when trying their swimming suits on, which led to a very public orgasm for Sally.

That night the girls went to the pool. It was late, so the girls expected to have the swimming pool all for themselves. But they didn’t expect to see the pool was preoppucied by two boys. Silver and Sonic were playing volleyball in the pool. They smiled when they saw their two girlfriends and Bunnie walking towards them.

‘Hey girls, wanna play along?’ Sonic suggested.

‘We have something better then volleyball.’ Blaze smiled and she showed what was in her shoppingbag: Three hot sets of bikinis and a bottle of liquor.

Sonic and Silver sprinted out of the pool immediatly and accompanied the three ladies towards the pool, hankering for their bodies in the hot lingerie. The girls teased the boys by keeping their clothes on and trying out the bottle of tequila first. They had a good time and a few laughs untill the bottle was up and the girls decided to jump into the water together in surprise. Sonic and Silver got splashed when the girls jumped into the pool.

Their fur became all wet and the boys felt uncomfortable between their tighs. The size of Bunnie and Blaze’s round breasts became slightly visable behind their soaking wet leotard and coats, of which Sonic and Silver couldn’t get their eyes off. The girls then decided to try out their new swimming costumes and they climbed out of the pool, grabbed the shopping back and went into the changing room.

Sonic and Silver already could feel what was going to happen that night and they grinned while giving eachother a thumbs up. The two hedgehogs had become good friends after the orgy and started hanging out, mostly because they could share their girlfriends from now on. They had switched Sally and Blaze once which had led to amazing nights. Bunnie never had sex with Sonic before, but Sonic had his eyes on her amazing body for years and he knew she wanted some of him too. Silver had already fucked all three girls in the orgy but had no problem with sharing them with his new friend.

The three girls left the dressing room in their sexy bikinis. Blaze wore a small purple bikini, Sally a blue one and Bunnie a red one. The boys applauded and cheered as the girls invited them to jump in the pool along with them, which they did. Sonic hated water most of the time, but he could make an exception. The teens started to have a splash fight and decided to have a struggle game; Sally climbed onto Sonic’s shoulders and Blaze on Silver’s. The girls tried to push each other over while Bunnie acted as a referee. Sally suddenly jumped off Sonic’s shoulders onto Blaze. Blaze screamed and laughed as the two girls splashed down deep. A second later, the girls came back to the surface, giggling, until they noticed a bra floating on the surface; Blaze top had been pulled off by Sally. Sonic knew this was his chance, He swam towards Blaze and cupped her big wet breasts with his paws. Blaze smiled and looked into the blue hedgehog’s eyes; a second later they were kissing.

Sally had her arms around Silver; they were kissing and Silver had slipped his right hand under Sally’s bra and caressed her nipple with his thumb. Bunnie enjoyed the lovers making out; even though her lower body was in the water, she felt her pussy was getting wet too. Her hand cupped her own, big breast and she felt her nipples were as hard as rocks. She swam to the side and sat down on the edge of the pool. She pulled her panties aside and started softly caressing her wet clit, looking at Sonic sucking Blaze’s nipples and Sally stroking Silver’s dick under water with her bra like a collar around Silver’s neck.

‘Hey Bunnie, what are you doing there all alone?’ Blaze asked.

‘Enjoying mahself.’ Bunnie smiled.

‘Why pleasing yourself when somebody else can do it? Common Sonic!.’ Blaze said and she led Sonic towards the rabbit. Bunnie smiled uncomfortably and felt a little nervous.

‘She’s been wanting you to fuck her for ages.’ Blaze whispered into Sonic’s ear. ‘Let’s give her some forplay.’

Blaze climbed out of the pool and sat next to Bunnie. She kissed her friend and tied down her bra. Blaze slid her finger over her Bunnie’s breasts and sucked her nipple. Sonic sank down a little in the pool and he pushed Bunnie’s legs out of eachother. Bunnie spreaded her legs and Sonic pushed her panty aside. He licked her wet pussy and Bunnie shivered and moaned, Blaze still sucking her nipple and caressing her tummy with her paw.

Silver and Sally swam to the threesome and Silver sat down next to Bunnie. Silver’s cock was stiff and erect. He kissed a blushing Bunnie and spreaded his legs, Sally swimming towards him. Sally grabbed his white cock with her hand and closed her lips around it, sucking his dick and sliding her tongue around his shaft.

Bunnie lied down instead of sitting and moaned in pleasure, being eaten out by a hungry Sonic. Blaze rubbed her tummy and kissed her breasts while Silver jumped into the water. Sally placed her arms and breast over the edge of the pool, with her legs and butt still under water. She spreaded her legs a little and Silver grabbed his cock. When he found her pussy under water, he penetrated her slit and Sally moaned with her head in her arms. She looked sideways while Silver banged her and watched how her boyfriend and best girlfriends chanced position.

Sonic lay down on the ground, slowly wanking his cock. Bunnie pulled down her panties and sat down on his cock with her soaking pussy. She moaned loudly when she got penetrated and started riding his big wet cock. Blaze walked towards the shopping bag and grabbed a strap-on dildo out of it. Blaze then sat down on the edge of the pool and looked towards the two couples having sex. She reached the dildo towards the moaning cockriding Bunnie.

‘Suck on it a little for me.’ Blaze said. Bunnie closed her lips around the dildo and sucked for a while. Then Blaze penetrated her pussy with the now-wet dildo, watching the other two couples fuck.

Silver had his hands on Sally’s ass and banged her hard from behind. Sally gazed at Bunnie riding Sonic and Blaze fucking herself with their strap-on. Her mouth watered at the sounds of the two girls moaning, the two guys panting and the splashing of the water with every of Silver’s thrusts.

‘Fuck, you’re so tight Bunnie!’ Sonic moaned.

‘Ain’t she delicious?’ Blaze moaned. ‘Can I try this strap-on to her now?’

‘Go ahead.’ Sonic grinned and he pulled Bunnie’s head toward his. They stack their tongues out and slided around each other’s, panting. With Bunnie pulled down, her cute little butt was free to fuck. Blaze had strapped on her dildo and licked her fingers, putting them a little inside Bunnie’s asshole. Bunnie looked behind and cried out approving. Blaze then grabbed her plastic cock, pushed it against and penetrated Bunnie’s buns.

Bunnie cried out loudly while being double penetrated, her big breast pushing against Sonic’s stomach. Silver then pulled out of Sally’s slit, climbed out of the pool and stood behind Blaze, who was fucking Bunnie’s ass.

‘You ever been fucked while fucking?’ Silver asked her.

‘I’d like to try.’ Blaze smiled.

Silver pushed his dick against her asshole and thrusted forward. Blaze moaned as she fucked Bunnie with every of Silver’s thrust in her rectum. Sally then walked towards Sonic and Bunnie, who were both kissing passionatly.

‘Can I get some of that love too?’ Sally smiled. Sonic smiled back and Bunnie tried to get up a little, which was hard seeing how she was being double penetrated. Sally squated down on Sonic’s face and he began licking her clit. Bunnie had to grab Sally’s body not to fall down by the weight of Blaze and Silver’s fucking. Her lips were at breast-side and since she had to suck on something to make her calm down, so she started sucking Sally’s nipple.

Bunnie had been through too much though; she started yelling louder and louder and she cummed explosively. Her cunt tightened around Sonic’s cock and Blaze and Sonic slowed down a little on her. Bunnie then stumbled out of the orgy and lay down on the floor, exhausted, her pussy dripping lovejuices.

Sally immediatly jumped down on Sonic’s soaked dick and started riding him. Silver was fucking Blaze now vaginally. Their own girlfriends were always great as their pussies felt familiar. The two ladies were being fucked doggy style now, their faces close to one and another, and they started kissing each other with their bisexual lust. Soon the girls started screaming too and came with the dicks in their cunts tightening around their vulvas. Only the guys hadn’t cum yet now, and they decided to give their jizz to the ones who deserved it the most for them. Silver sat down for the last time and let Sally and Blaze suck his dick until his orgasm.

Sonic on the other hand walked to Bunnie, who was lying on the floor with a sopping pussy.

‘One final thing I want you to do, okay?’ Sonic said.

‘Alright’. Bunnie responded. Sonic told her to get in the refreshing water of the pool, which she did. Sonic then sat down on the edge with his stiff cock pointing high in the air. He told Bunnie to hold her tits tight together and squeeze them around Sonic’s cock. Bunnie did as she was told and she held her big boobs firm together, squeezing them around his hard cock and pushing her tits up and down to stimulate his shaft.

‘I just… wanted to see… ahh… if you’re better then Vanilla.’ Sonic said.

‘Just cum whenever you’re ready sugah.’ Bunnie winked.

Silver moaned harder and his cock started to throb when the girls sucked his sack; lots of cum spurted out of his dick and the ladies tried to catch it with their hungry mouths. Silver rubbed the last drops of sperm out of his dick and the ladies shared their catch with a passionate kiss.

‘Am ah… better then Vanilla?’ Bunnie panted.

‘Way better… oh fuck… I’m cumming!’ Sonic shouted and his cock erupted between Bunnie’s tits. White hedgehogsploogde spurted out of his shaft and landed in Bunnie’s long blonde hair, face and tits. Bunnie moaned and laughed while she squeezed the lasts jets of cum out of his dick, sucking it clean for one last time. She climbed out of the water and hopped towards the cumhungry girls, who happily started to lick her face and tits clean. The girls then kissed their rabbit-girlfriend and shared some of their cum.

Sonic and Silver shook hands, smiled and agreed: The orgy they had at Vanilla’s house was the best decission they ever made in their lives.

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